We are survivors of Dr Guthrie's schools. We are seeking justice and closure because many of us experienced some of the most appalling abuse and mistreatment imaginable

Because of Scotland's rotten, corrupt justice system. I am under pressure to seek redress. My lawyers cannot bring a case against the institutions that abused me. Scottish law says that the institutions cannot get a fair trial because all the alleged abusers are supposedly dead. There is no mention of the fact that I first complained in 1988 and was ignored. It cannot be emphasised enough that I and other survivors have no right to justice.

We have never had any kind of justice under Scottish law. In Scotland, the authorities have protected the abusers and are currently protecting the institutions; they have disregarded survivors "in my case for 53 years" It's now 2023. Is it any wonder that the abusers are dead? Moreover, the three-year time-bar was only lifted in 2017. It makes me ashamed to be Scottish.

Remember that the majority of survivors have been ignored for a very long time. The new law prohibits institutions from being held liable after those responsible have died. If our own Holyrood Parliament allows such a law to pass without opposition or even criticism, we can only assume that they support it.


Dr Guthrie's Ragged Schools - Exclusively for Scotland's   elite to abuse children with total impunity


Children who have been abused within the walls of the school have cried so much that the building is drenched with horror

In Scotland, it is perfectly acceptable for a charity that advocates and fights for abused children in the Scottish media, and works with Future Pathways to provide counselling for victims of child abuse, to also receive funding from an institution that is being investigated for child abuse by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry!


          It appears that no one in authority is concerned


Where is the outrage at this sham investigation into child abuse?  https://childabuseinquiry.scot/evidence/investigations/   This Dr Guthrie’s institution is supposed to be under investigation by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry and has been on the Scottish Child Abuse investigation list since 2015.

 You can find them in section 5 of the Non-Religious Voluntary Organisations

  Dr Guthrie’s Schools Association. Dr Guthrie’s Boys School. Dr Guthrie’s Girls School, Edinburgh

These are the financial statements of Dr Guthrie's Association for the calendar year ended 31 March 2022.  https://www.oscr.org.uk/charityDocuments/2022-10-25-accs-re-sc009302-redacted-9e50d48a-393f-ed11-bba2-0022481b5171.pdf

It doesn't seem to bother these people that their organisation is the subject of several police investigations, letters from lawyers and the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

If you scroll down in the PDF, you will see that Dr Guthrie's Association donated money to two well-known child abuse charities. They have also spent £44,000 on legal fees.

These are the same people who have not apologised to any of the survivors of abuse in Dr Guthrie's schools and who refuse to take responsibility for the abuse that took place in Dr Guthrie's schools. The same people who have made no contribution to the redress scheme.

Scotland's child abuse investigation list includes Dr Guthrie's schools. Well, I thought it did. The fact that the child abuse charities actually accepted the donation is something I find very difficult to understand.

     Is it acceptable to abuse children who have attended a Dr Guthrie's school? 

One of the charities Dr Guthrie's Association has donated money to is linked to Future Pathways, a Scottish Government organisation that provides counselling to victims of child abuse




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