Scottish  children's  homes  and  private     boarding  schools  were  horrendous  places  for  child  abuse  

I  can  guarantee  you  that  the  abuse  suffered  by  the  children  who  went  to  an  Approved  school  or  to  a  List  D  school  was  far  more  extreme 

 "for  the  benefit  of  readers.  Approved  or  List-D  schools  were  children's  prisons.

  Often,  children  were  incarcerated  in  these  institutions  without  committing  any  crime. 

 Some  of  these  institutions  were  places  of  hideous  abuse"  

              Why  is  the  Scottish  abuse  inquiry  saving  the  worst                                                                                   institutions  for  last? 

                                  28th  October  2023,  the  date  of  writing 

Dr  Guthrie's  schools  have  not  yet  been    investigated  by  the  abuse  inquiry     

I first reported crimes committed against me in 1988. I contacted the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in December 2015.

At the age of eleven, on 4th February 1970, I was sentenced at Hamilton Sheriff Court to one to three years' care and protection. I did not commit any crime; I was simply accused and found guilty. I was so small I could hardly see over the dock.

Here is a list of crimes committed against me while I was a pupil at Dr Guthrie's Boys' School, Liberton, Edinburgh.


Dr  Guthrie's  Ragged  Schools – Exclusively    for  the  Impoverished 

  Psychological terror

In 1970, on my first night at Dr Guthrie's Boys' School, the boy next to me in the shower block was completely whipped. His back, bottom and the backs of his legs were all black, blue, purple and yellow.

 A few days after I arrived at Dr Guthrie's, a member of staff slapped my face so hard that the pain went down my body and out of my toes. In addition, my sheets were routinely ripped off and thrown around the dormitory while I slept.

                                                                                       Sexual abuse

I was sexually abused in the swimming pool on several occasions. I was filmed and photographed naked. I was filmed naked at Thorntonloch campsite. I was filmed naked at Moneynut Water campsite.

                                                                    Broken hand

From being hit with a medicine ball. The staff member threw the medicine ball in my direction. When I raised my hand to protect my face from the ball, the force of the ball broke my hand.

                                                  At least five more broken hands

These injuries were caused by being hit on the knuckles with large Victorian keys. For nine months, one of my hands was always broken, making it impossible for me to eat properly.

                                                   Stabbed in the spine with a key

I have had back pain since I was a teenager. I have had severe pain throughout my adult life. In 2007 I had a CAT scan. The surgeon then showed me the x-ray. She showed me a hole in my spine where the nerve that controls my left arm occasionally falls in. My left arm and hand are currently semi-paralysed and the hole is the source of the discomfort I experience.

    Whipped on the bare backside

I was held over the headmaster's desk and whipped across my bare bottom with a thick yellow Scottish tawse.

                                                                 General Abuse

I was often punched, kicked, slapped, and head-slammed into another boy's head. I had blood and bruises all over my shins.  My head was slammed into walls and I was forced to sniff undiluted ammonia from a bottle.

                                                                      And finally

                                                                       No education


Dr  Guthrie's  Boys  School  in  Edinburgh  was  hell  on  earth 

Nobody  has  been  arrested,  and  I  am  still  awaiting  an  apology


I spent a few weeks in a remand home before being transferred to Dr Guthrie's Boys' School. I was 11 years old and in a deep state of despair because I had just been taken away from my mother.

This detention centre for children. Calder House Remand Home. Bardykes Road. Blantyre, was an abominable place.

Within minutes of my arrival, I was stripped naked, my hair was pulled and head lice insecticide was poured into my mouth. I was also locked in a cupboard for two weeks, given a razor blade and told to scrape the polish off the tiles on the floor of the cupboard. I was also sexually abused 


Before 2015, virtually every other country had a child abuse inquiry, with the exception of Scotland. Ireland's abuse inquiry ended in 2009. I waited patiently for justice. When the Scottish child abuse inquiry started, I contacted them immediately. That was in December 2015. I then waited patiently for the police to contact me.

In August 2019, I called the police and asked why they had not contacted me about my abuse complaints. I was told by the police that the abuse inquiry had not contacted them because I was anonymous. In August 2019, the police then told me that someone higher up was dealing with it. The police finally interviewed me in September 2022.


I was told to remain anonymous by the Scottish Abuse Inquiry, who also assured me that they would alert the police. They deceived me; they forced me to go public to seek justice and closure.


After the first interview with the abuse inquiry, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It all came back to me. Even the smell of the pool and the abusers were visible to me. It took me two weeks of suffering under a heavy cloud before I was able to collect myself.

After my second interview with the abuse inquiry, my final statement was read out to me. I was advised not to read my abuse statement as it would upset me. I did not read the statement until August 2019, and it was not the same as what was said to me in person. The head lice insecticide poured into my mouth became shampoo. The rest of my statement is watered down and full of so many inaccuracies. I told them not to use it unless it was changed.


How many child abusers were still alive when I first contacted the Scottish Abuse Inquiry?  "They say they are all dead now"  My request to take legal action against the institutions that abused me has been refused. I am not getting any justice or closure.


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