Abused and ignored Dr Guthries boys school Edinburgh

  Dr  Guthrie's  Ragged  Schools – Exclusively  for  Edinburgh's  elite  to  abuse  children  with  total  impunity 

Dr Guthries boys and girls schools Edinburgh


Children  who  have  been  abused  within  the  walls  of  the  schools  have  cried  so  much  that  the  buildings

  are  saturated  with  horror. 

I can't understand how Dr Guthrie's Association has been able to get away with such terrible abuse of children. The abuse that I witnessed and personally experienced was despicable - truly unbelievable.

I first complained of abuse in 1988, but nothing happened. And the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry was a waste of time; they treated my allegations of abuse with utter contempt. I thought I would at least get an apology, eight years after I first contacted the Abuse Inquiry.

 I haven't even received an apology. 

 I now regret ever having contacted the Scottish Abuse Inquiry and believing in it. How many other people have complained about Dr Guthrie's schools and had their complaints ignored as I have?

After decades of waiting for an inquiry into the abuse of children, we find that the Dr Guthrie's Association has not apologised, no one has been arrested and survivors are unable to make a claim against Dr Guthrie's schools

dr guthries boys school edinburgh dormitory

I once believed that those who had been victims of child abuse had a right to use the legal system to hold institutions to account.

In  Scotland,  some  victims  of  child  abuse  get  nothing;

  some  of  us  do  not  even  get  an  apology 


  No one has ever been held accountable for the horrific child abuse that took place in Dr Guthrie's        schools.

 And no one is taking responsibility.




 No  more  cover-ups  

Give  us  justice  and  closure 

Children at Dr Guthries Ragged school Edinburgh

It is a fact that some survivors of abuse have been subjected to appalling treatment and have been completely ignored. This website had to be created because these people need to be exposed and I could not stand by and allow myself to be treated with the same contempt as when I was a child. 

This institution, Dr Guthrie's Schools, and Dr Guthrie's Association, which controlled and profited from the management of the schools,

 are getting away with heinous child abuse.

 The people of Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular, have been told that Dr Guthrie's schools were Christian, benevolent, ragged schools where children were well looked after. 


The  reality  is  very  different  and  those  who  survived  Dr  Guthrie's  schools

  are  now  bringing  this  reality  to  light  in  Scotland  and  the  rest  of  the  world 

Thomas Guthrie statue protest Princes st Edinburgh

The victims of Dr Guthrie's schools are entitled to the same level of justice as any other abused child, and we believe that the Scottish Abuse Inquiry has completely ignored our calls for justice.


Please  sign  the  petition  below 

 Do  not  let  them  get  away  with  appalling  child  abuse 


Dr Thomas Guthrie child abuse cover up Edinburgh

As survivors and former pupils of Dr. Guthrie's approved/List D schools, "we haven't even had an apology" if we had known that, despite decades of waiting, we would never receive justice or closure.

The website and our petition would have been launched in 1997

There would have been a lot more survivors alive than there are now

 But it's never too late to fight back