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Children  who  have  been  abused  within  the  walls  of  the  school  have  cried  so  much  that  the  building  is  filled  with  horror  

Dr  Guthrie's  Girl's  School


Dr  Guthrie's  Ragged  Schools -

Exclusively  for  Child  Torturers  to  Abuse  the  Impoverished 

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    Here's some old newspaper stories


Five girls said to have been largely responsible for the unfavourable state of affairs at Dr Guthrie's approved school for girls, Gilmerton, Edinburgh, appeared in Edinburgh sheriff court on Saturday charged with escaping from the school


Dr Guthrie's girls approved school, Edinburgh. In the bright sunshine, they walked out of school and escaped unnoticed. Police have issued an alarm, and all the beat and mobile patrols are out on the lookout for the girls, both of whom are quite young. In November of last year, a disturbance broke out in the school




Mr. T. J. Cochrane, deputy procurator-fiscal, said on September 2nd that a number of the inmates of the school escaped while attending church


A girl who was given 14 days' leave from Dr Guthrie's approved school for girls at Gilmerton last January did not return, it was stated at Edinburgh sheriff court today

Guthries girls list d school cells Edinburgh

These  are  the  windows  of  the  single  rooms  in  the  girls'  torture  centre  at  Guthrie's. 


Thomas Guthrie Ragged School


Comment  #1  Caroline

I was sent to Dr. Guthrie's School for Girls when I was thirteen years old. After being transferred to the girls' school, I never saw my social worker again. While I was at the girls' school, I didn't have any visitors. All the school's cleaning was done by the girls. We received no education, no math, no English. We were just taught how to cook, clean and wash clothes.

As the weeks went by, I got more and more hungry. I never got much to eat. I was given breakfast, dinner and tea, but it was never enough. I was always hungry. I was never given snacks or biscuits or anything like that.

There was one staff member. A man who was an animal. He wore glasses. This pervert was supposed to be a social worker. This man would watch the girls showering while he stood by the shower doors and 'said he was there if there was any trouble'.

 If any of the girls started a fight or said something he didn't like, he would take them to the cells. He was always in the school at night and he wasn't a very nice man. I spent a lot of time in the cells - sometimes for weeks. You could hear the girls screaming and it was the sound of hell.

When I was taken to the cells, this pervert would give me a glass of water and his hand would be over it. He would make me drink this water and it would put me to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was sore and bloody.

This man also put young girls in cupboards and locked the door. The girls were kept in the cupboard overnight. The cupboard was so small you could hardly stand up and this bastard would not let you out to go to the toilet. He was evil. When I ran away from Dr Guthrie's, I reported this man, I reported the sexual abuse and cruelty to the police, but they completely ignored me and just took me back. They told me to stop making up stories.

There's a lot more but I can't put it here because it would upset me and it would upset others if they read it. I kept it all in for thirty years, until in 2011, when I was in my forties, I decided to call the police. I gave them a statement and they promised to get back to me. I never heard from them again.

Dr Guthrie's was not a school at all. It was a nightmare place of abuse, cruelty, and neglect. I'm now seeking redress after reporting the abuse to the police and the Child Abuse Inquiry.

 Every survivor should contact the police and the inquiry.

 The pervert may be dead. But I still live a very stressful life filled with daily suffering and terrible memories. I haven't been able to spend enough time with my children because of what that animal, that beast, did to me.

The abuse I suffered at Dr Guthrie's Girls' School will always haunt me.


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