t h e    c o m p l e t e l y    i n v i s i b l e              s w i m m i n g    p o o l  

and  the  pervert  who  is  totally  undetectable  

Dr  Guthrie's  Ragged  Schools – Exclusively  for  Scottish  aristocratic  perverts  to  sexually  exploit  the  Impoverished


The first time I read reports of child abuse in children's homes was in 1982.
When I first saw these reports I was relieved because I thought that most abuse would stop if the perpetrators were exposed. And from 1982 until the Jimmy Savile scandal in 2012, British newspapers published reports of child abuse in institutions on an almost weekly basis.
Given the abuse I experienced and witnessed at the boys' school. I was shocked that Dr Guthrie's schools had never been mentioned.
Even after the launch of the Scottish Abuse Inquiry in December 2015, there has not been much negative media coverage of Dr Guthrie Schools, in fact quite the opposite. Numerous extremely positive articles about Dr Guthrie's schools have appeared online.
The schools have been described on the internet as the best thing since sliced bread and heaven on earth; Dr Guthrie's schools were never the scene of abuse; abuse only happened in other children's homes and in expensive fee-paying private schools such as Edinburgh Academy, Fettes, Gordonstoun and Loretto.

It would appear that the children in these Dr Guthrie's approved schools, which were in fact children's prisons, received a better education and care than those in the most expensive private schools in Scotland!

 Dr Guthrie's schools in Edinburgh must be the only reform/approved schools in the western world that didn't abuse children.

The way it has been covered up and whitewashed is disgusting.


There  is  a  100-year  D-Notice  on  Dr  Guthrie's   schools


 The  Scotsman - Tuesday   31  July  1928


A new swimming pool was opened in Dr Guthrie's school for boys in Liberton, Edinburgh, yesterday.

 The pool is 40 feet long and 20 feet broad and varies in depth from 5 feet 6 inches to 2 feet 6 inches.


I'm unable to find a photograph of the Dr Guthrie's boys' school swimming baths.

 I've been looking all over the internet since 1999 for a photograph, and I've even contacted the other schools in Liberton. Edinburgh that used the swimming pool and asked them if they have any photographs.

I can't find any.



If  anyone  is  wondering  why  all  this  is  being  exposed  now

  here  is  the  answer.

I have been complaining about abuse at Dr Guthrie's Boys' School since 1988. There has been virtually no response to my complaints.

I started using the internet around 1997 and every time I found something about Dr Guthrie's that I could comment on, I did, only to have my comments deleted each time. Many comments about Liberton, particularly Dr Guthrie's swimming pool, were posted on an Edinburgh blog site and from the early to mid 2000s every comment I made about the swimming pool was deleted. I was even insulted by a blogger who informed me that he lived in a new house built on the boys' school football pitch and there wasn't anything I could do about it. The Edinburgh blog site is still up today, but the abusive comment left by someone who was basically mocking me has also been deleted.

Every negative comment I made about Dr Guthrie's schools was removed, and to this day, if I leave a comment on any of the many websites of Dr Guthrie's Ragged Schools, all my comments are deleted.

 It wasn't until we opened our own Facebook group in 2018, and then our petition, and finally our own Dr Guthrie's website, that we were able to start exposing these monsters.


     There are no photos of the pool.

 Viewers of this website will have to make do with a blank image.  

Cover up Dr Guthries child abuse Edinburgh
Dr Guthries Boys School Edinburgh Swimming Pool


In  1997  I  visited  the  boys' school  and  it  was  a  very  traumatic  experience.

 The  swimming  pool  was  still  in  use.  It  was  a  private  club.

  It's  very  strange  that  I  can't  find  a  photo  of  the  pool


  Dr Guthrie's Boys swimming pool was a

 pedo-sweet shop

  Every boy between the ages of eleven and fourteen swam naked. We were not allowed to wear swimming trunks.

Sexual abuse was endemic in this pool between 1967 and 1972. I personally was abused along with eight other boys. The boys were regularly filmed and photographed naked.

According to Dr Guthrie's Association, which is responsible for all the school's records and, under Scottish law, only our records,

 the male sex abuser seems to have mysteriously disappeared.

 There is no record of him.  

They claim that the main sexual abuser does not exist and never has existed. 


This  man  has  simply  vanished


  thin  air


I remember that this man had either white or blonde hair and was extremely tall.

 He had a very posh accent.

This man always had a walking stick that he could fold into a chair. He used this chair during the boys' sports days. He had a deformity in his leg. It looked like his foot didn't work properly. I can't remember if it was his right or left leg.

Although I'm not sure of his name, I have reported this man to the police and in all likelihood this pervert will be dead.

 We need more people to come forward and report this serial child sex abuser because he and they are getting away with very serious sexual abuse of young children.

Please don't hesitate to contact me using the links at the bottom of the Home page if anyone reads this and knows this man's name.

Thorntonloch Dr Guthries camp site

       Thortonloch Campsite                                                               The Arch                                                                             Cove Harbour

Dr Guthries child abuse Monynut Water

                                                                    Monynut Water Campsite

At Monynut Water.

On previous occasions we had gone to this burn to catch trout. But one day was different. Our job that day was to make a deep pool by removing all the rocks and stones from the small burn. All the boys were naked.

We finally managed to make a pool so deep that we could jump into the river from the bank. When the boys jumped in, they dived and grabbed the rocks, their bottoms and legs were visible above the water. The pervert filmed this with an old-fashioned camera. The same person also filmed all the boys naked.

There was a campsite at Monynut Water, but only those he liked were allowed to camp there. 

I always wondered why he made us build a deep pool, surely it wasn't just to film us naked?

A few decades later I discovered that a few hundred metres downstream there is (or was) a trout farm. It's obvious that a deep pool in a small river would attract big trout.

 Was the pool built to attract big trout?

this  man  did  exist!


He had a brand new blue Range Rover, either a 1970 or 1971 registration.

 This man also had a blue, C-registered Land Rover and an older Land Rover with a pre-1963 plate.

The name of this man has been provided to the authorities. I have given the police descriptions of the vehicles I recall him driving. He generally just showed up out of nowhere to take the boys to the swimming pool and he had a very affluent accent.

He  was  also  in  charge  of  sports  days


  1970  to  1972

When  my  previous  solicitor  requested  the  name  of  the  man  involved  in  the  boys'  sports  days  between  1970  and  1972,

  the  Dr  Guthrie's  Association  stated  that  they  did  not  have  that  information.

  They  claimed  that  only  initials,  and  not  names  or  signatures,  were  required  on  their  log  book. 

 "this  frivolous  excuse  appears  to  be  perfectly  acceptable  to  the  authorities  and  the  law  of  Scotland."  

If  the  system  claims  it  cannot  identify  this  individual,  how  can  the  victims  and  survivors  of  this  most  serious  child  sex  offender  get  justice  and  closure? 

I  know  I'm  not  the  only  one  complaining  about  this  pervert

  and  I  find  it  hard  to  believe  that  the  authorities  are  unable  to  identify  and  label  this  evil  person.  


This man sexually abused many boys while I was a pupil at Dr Guthrie's Boys' School. He also took photographs and made films of the boys naked.

 He regularly showed the boys films he had made of naked boys.


Between 1967 and 1972, this man sexually abused many children under the age of thirteen who attended Dr Guthrie's Boys' School. 

He was not really a member of staff.

 This man would just turn up out of nowhere and take the boys to the swimming pool. The boys he took to the pool were all pre-pubescent or just after puberty.

 This man was also in charge of the boys' sports day.

 He was also at Thorntonloch campsite and took the boys to another campsite at Monynut Water.

 He photographed and filmed the boys naked at Thorntonloch and Monynut Water.

When I was at Thorntonloch campsite he took me and some other boys to Cove Harbour.

 He parked his Land Rover very close to what looked like a shop. The building was painted white in 1970 and now I think this house is the old coastguard building and is now painted pink and he took a boy into this house. I knew that the boy he took into that house was being sexually abused and he spent at least forty-five minutes with him there.

He never interacted with the boys except as described above. He spoke with a very rich accent and gave the impression that he was a lord and appeared to be in a position of authority and rank over all the staff.

This man always carried a walking stick which he could convert into a chair. He had a limp.

"This sexual abuser has been mentioned by some of the survivors, they say he had white hair, a scar on his forehead, he walked with a limp with one shoe bigger than the other and the reason he had a limp is because they say he survived a plane crash."  


  The  pupils  at  Dr Guthrie's  Boys'  School  served  as   this  man's

                                        sexual  playthings                                          



It  would  seem  that  no  one  in  a  position  of  authority  is  concerned!

The  pervert  in  Dr Guthrie's  was  sexually  abusing  children  on  an  industrial  scale.  It  wasn't  a  case  of  one  child  being  singled  out,  he  was  abusing  eight  of  us  at  the  same  time.  He  also  took  photographs  and  made  films  of  naked  boys.

He  used  to  show  the  films  of  naked  boys  to  the  boys  in  the  gymnasium. 

I  remember  him  showing  the  boys  films  he  had  made  of  naked  boys  in Thorntonloch.

  Naked  boys  jumping  over  each  other,  playing  games,  throwing  horseshoes.

  Also,  naked  boys  running  into  the  sea.  

The  rest  of  the  staff  must  have  been  aware  of  the  abuse  this  man  was  committing,  and  they  did  nothing  to  stop  him.

  There  doesn't  seem  to  have  been  much  concern  on  the  part  of  the  authorities  about  what  this  man  was  doing,  and  the  survivors  are  basically  ignored. 


There is no justice or closure for the children who were sexually abused by this monster in Dr Guthrie's swimming pool




Please  sign  the  petition  below.

  Do  not  let  them  get  away  with  horrible  child  abuse 



Boys Dr Guthries Edinburgh
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